Phising Scams and How To Identifiy Them

Phishing scams are a type of scam that targets people by posing as a trustworthy entity in an email or text message.

Phishing scams can be sent to anyone, but they are often targeted at organizations and businesses. The goal of these scams is to steal information about their victim, such as login credentials and credit card numbers. They can also lead to the installation of malware on the victim's device.

Phishing is a  common threats to people on the web, these are fake websites that are imitating a legitimate website that would normally require an account and password. These scams will attempt to steal the user's personal information by fooling them into giving up their login information or downloading malware onto their device. This type of scam is almost always executed through links in an email or sent as a text message and they can be

There are many types of phishing scams, such as:

-Spear phishing: this is when the scammer has information about their victim and sends personalized emails or texts with malicious links or attachments in them.

-Whaling: this is when the scammer targets high-profile individuals like CEOs, celebrities, politicians and other famous people with phishing emails or texts that contain

Other types of phishing are:

1. HTTPS phishing
2. Vishing
3. Smishing
4. Angler phishing
5. Pharming
6. Pop-up phishing
7. Clone phishing
8. Evil twin
9. Watering hole phishing

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